Latest Work

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on recently. Unfortunately, most of it is under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)! But first, not under NDA:

  • Art assets for my friend Richard Rouse’s indie project The Church in the Darkness, which was recently made public. I designed, built, and animated the windmill you see here, as well as the crops in the field:


I also did foliage, dead trees, alarm boxes, loudspeakers, and various other bits of set dressing you can see in the trailer:

In addition, over the last half-year or so, I’ve been working on:

  • An HTC Vive demo for a movie studio’s major sci-fi IP, turning their Sketchup prop and set models into Unity-based, VR-ready assets. (I’ve got a Vive Pre on hand as well as an Oculus w/ Touch, so I’m equipped for remote VR work.) I used Quixel suite to transform the assets and IMO they came out really nice, almost like something from Fallout 4 in my estimation, but unfortunately I can’t show them because they’re under NDA.
  • Assets for a mobile game based on a major TV studio’s children’s IP. Along the lines of the Paw Patrol work, but different parent company, and different IP. Also under NDA, though in this case, while I can’t post samples online, I can share samples directly via private message or email. So please get in touch if you’re curious, at
  • Assets for another kid’s mobile game, currently in production, and still under NDA.
  • Animation for these same sorts of cartoony characters, bouncier and more stylized than other animation I’ve done before – really fun, they’re coming out great, and the client is really pleased. A childhood spent watching Bugs Bunny apparently didn’t go to waste.

Can’t wait to show this work!