Unity3D Environment – RespondWell

RespondWell, a maker of an iPad-based virtual physical therapist software, hired me to rework one of their Unity 4 environments, a scenic river scene.


Saving the boats, bridge, docks, and buildings from the old level, I reworked just about everything else, with an eye toward creating attractive vistas in every direction, and good performance on the mobile platform.


And I brought life to the scene with in-scene animation. Moored boats bob, distant boats sail by or come into port, kites swoop around in the distance, and an old steam train (an asset from the Unity Asset Store), chugs back and forth across the bridge.

RespondWell Scene Animation from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo.

The project presented an opportunity to use the powerful terrain-generating program World Machine to create some distant terrain.




Then I matched the look of the distant terrain with a more detailed sculpted terrain object (with normal maps, grass, and trees) added to the foreground, here seen to the right: