XBox Live Village Level (Unity3D Presentation)

chrome 2014-02-12 00-46-51-72

A little village level I created for StrangeGames’ Xbox Live Indie game, Avatar: Honor and Duty. The goal was a fun, bright look to match the Xbox Live avatars that would populate it.

Important to note: this level was not built with Unity as the target platform, but was instead built for the client’s proprietary engine. His engine did not make use of lightmaps, so I had to pre-bake the lightmaps into a single, gigantic diffuse texture.  Which still looked nice, but led to the textures looking a little blurrier than they would have otherwise. And it’s lacking a bit in FX elements like smoke, foliage, and filters; stuff I might normally put into a Unity map, but which were extraneous within the context of this particular job.

It was a still a ton of fun to play on XBox Live, though. 🙂

Here’s a few orbits around the level:

Take a walk through the level in the Unity3D web player. WASD to move, space bar to jump. Be sure to check out the view from the top of the church! (Unfortunately this player no longer works in Google Chrome, but should still work in Firefox and Safari.)

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