ZBrush and Unity Character – Hunter


I created this character in ZBrush and brought him into Unity3D, where I plugged him into the demo scene of the phenomenal Marmoset Skyshop image-based lighting plugin.

Here’s a direct link to the Unity3D Web Player. Unfortunately this player no longer works in Google Chrome, but should still work in Firefox and Safari.

Skyshop uses a high dynamic range panoramic sky to illuminate the scene, and this gives a naturalistic glow to the character while also making him seem connected with the environment.


This project also uses an animation viewer I created for a University of Oklahoma learning game project. The viewer uses Playmaker for the buttons and triggering of the animations, and Unity’s Mecanim system for controlling the animation itself. Mecanim allowed me to apply animations from a variety of sources onto this character. The drunk walk and death animation you see here came from a motion capture collection, while I hand-animated the taunt and idles.

Shots from Marmoset Toolbox:

ZBrush sculpts and topology: